Your purpose

The DLnsec lasers are ideally suited for fluorescence measurements and confocal microscopy, especially in NV centers. However, our systems are already being used for many other purposes, and due to their small form factor, there are a variety of use cases that the DLnsec can support.

With a wide range of wavelengths, subnanosecond rise and fall times, different power versions, and fiber coupled or free-emitting diodes, there are a multitude of options for your setup.

Due to their small dimensions and available fiber coupled options, they are easy to integrate in an existing setup and consume much less valuable space on your optical table than many other solutions.

Integration is easy due to the most simple user interface for computer control.

Having almost two decades of research background with the most challenging physical experiments, we can support you in integrating the laser source into your setup and find tailor-made solutions for specific individual requirements. Talk to us!

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