Introducing the DLnsec

Diode laser systems that deliver nanosecond light pulses on demand like the DLnsec™ are state of the art technology. There are only a few devices available on the market that deliver such short laser pulses. Many of them either use resonant circuits and can therefore only deliver pulses of  fixed length / fixed frequency, or are much slower and can only generate pulses on the order of tens of nanoseconds or with limited bandwidth. The alternatives used when arbitrary pulse lengths and high repetition rates are required are often CW laser sources such as frequency doubled DPSS lasers with an external acousto-optic modulator. However, such systems have many disadvantages: they are bulky and expensive and need frequent maintenance in the form of realignment. And even if they are well set up and maintained, their on / off extinction ratio is usually limited to less than 60 dB.

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